Learn to Swim Program

At Arana Hills Swim School we understand that children develop a different stages and have had different levels of exposure and experiences to water, swimming pools and group environments.

We expect children to learn in different ways and to progress at different rates.  We accommodate this in our teaching methods.

Our lessons are designed to be flexible, allowing us to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of each child. We encourage our teaching staff to focus on the needs of the individual rather than being trapping by rigid time constraints and tunnel visioned teaching programs.

Progression through our levels is skills based rather than time or age focused.  We have designed our lessons to be achievable and progressive for all children.  We do not wait until the end of tern to move children through into the next level.

We like to encourage children to strive for new challenges in a relaxed supportive, positive, environment.

iStock_000000899451_ExtraSmall Children in a swimming pool

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