Arana Hills Swim School is now back under the ownership of Club Arana.

Arana Hills Swim School is operated by an experienced teaching and management team.  As parents our selves we understand how important it is to achieve a balance between quality teaching, flexibility, progress and value for money.

Water awareness is a vital part of Australian life. We are surrounded by the ocean and much of our lives are spent at our pools and water ways across this great country. At Arana Hills Swim School we teach children about aquatic safety and give them the tools to negotiate differing environments in a fun, confident and safe manner.  We understand that young children look to people they trust and respect for reassurance and support during their learning journey.  Our learn to swim program for young swimmers is very interactive with parental participation encouraged.  You will not find any glass barricades between you and your child at our swim school.


Swimming is an important part of a child’s development socially, physically and intellectually.  We believe that the confidence, discipline and knowledge gained from our program will assist your children in other important aspects of life as they grow.

Swimming is a very personal activity and confidence in the water varies from child to child.  Children need to be encouraged positively and challenged appropriately in order for them to progress.  With small goals regularly set and rewards upon completion of each level, children understand what is required of them and graduate with a feeling of accomplishment. Our program is designed to get the best out of your child and leave them with skills and knowledge that go beyond the pool.

Our swim school is a registered school with Swim Australia.  Swim Australia is endorsed by Swimming Australia Ltd and the Federal Government’s Active Australia.

Our friendly administration staff have experience of assisting families and children and are always willing to help in any way they can.

Contact us today and give your child a start in their swimming life they will enjoy.

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